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Having a beautiful, bright smile is an important part of feeling self-confident and attractive. Aesthetic Dental Center of Union Square helps patients look and feel their best with state-of-the-art teeth whitening services aimed at providing patients from throughout the San Francisco, CA, area with brighter, whiter smiles they can be proud of.

Teeth Whitening

What whitening services does Aesthetic Dental Center of Union Square provide?

Aesthetic Dental Center of Union Square offers both in-office whitening treatments for immediate results, and take-home treatments that use special trays with results in just a few weeks. During in-office whitening treatments, a special retracting device is used to hold your lips back, and a protective gel is placed on your gums. A whitening solution is applied to the visible surfaces of your teeth and left in place for about an hour. For take-home treatments, impression molds will be taken from your teeth that will be used to make the whitening trays.These custom-made trays will ensure the best possible results. Adjustments will be made if necessary to provide a proper fit. During each daily treatment, the trays are filled with whitening gel and then worn for about an hour.

Are the teeth whitening procedures safe?

Yes, professional teeth whitening, under the guidance and supervision of an experienced dentist, is completely safe and has been successfully used to help millions of patients get better-looking smiles. Professional whitening services will not damage your teeth. At Aesthetic Dental Center of Union Square only tested and proven whitening products and procedures are used.

Will teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

Teeth whitening treatments can make your teeth a little more sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, but the effect is only temporary and will quickly resolve once treatment is complete. In the first 12-24 hours following treatment, it is advised to avoid foods and beverages that cause stainings, such as colas or coffee, and to refrain from smoking. Daily brushing and flossing should be continued as normal.

Insurance and Billing

At Aesthetic Dental Center of Union Square we are happy to work with you regarding insurance coverage for your treatment, including a flexible payment plan with CareCredit. We accept checks, cash or credit cards, and most traditional insurance plans. Please contact the office or see our Financial Coordinator for details. Financing Options CareCredit offers No Interest* financing, or low minimum monthly payment options, to help you pay for treatments and procedures your insurance doesn't cover. Use it when and how you want it. CareCredit can also be used for your family members, including your pets.

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