What is the Difference Between Implants and Dentures?

You want to keep your smile looking healthy and natural, ideally, for a lifetime. There are, however, extenuating circumstances that does not make that possible. If your original teeth need to be replaced due to damage or deterioration, implants and dentures are two options to consider.

Learning the difference between implants and dentures is important. Dental implants are made from bone-like or ceramic material that look and feel like real teeth. Dentures are false teeth that can be removed at night (or anytime), and are available in partial or complete form.                           

How do implants work?

Implants are attached comfortably to the jaw by your dentist. This offers comfort and a good fit, and there’s no need to ever apply any adhesives and creams to keep them firmly in place. You can keep eating your favorite foods, and it’s a breeze to keep the implants clean. The secure implant supports the jawbone and face areas and allows the jaw tissue to keep growing. Plus, implants look like real teeth, which lets you keep looking like YOU. Although implants cost more than dentures, they are a durable and attractive option for patients. 

How do dentures work?

Dentures do cost less than implants. However, they present a less effective solution, and you will likely spend more money down the line to have dentures relined or remade—which is a big difference from implants.

There is not any new tissue generated in the jaw and gums areas, and facial deterioration can often lead to a telltale sunken appearance with dentures. Although creams and adhesives are used, dentures are slippery and do not stay firmly in place, which can be annoying, painful and contribute to an overall “unnatural” feeling.

Patients often report that certain favorite foods are a big and new challenge with dentures, because softer and smaller bites work better with the adhesive-denture combo. Food can often get stuck in dentures, and they need to be taken out regularly for cleaning and upkeep.

A consultation with Dr. Amores can help you decide which option is best.

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