Night Guard FAQs

A night guard is a customized device that fits in your mouth and covers the teeth. With a guard, the enamel surfaces of each tooth are protected, which means you won’t grind away the all-important enamel while you sleep.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions about night guards:

How will I be fitted for a night guard?

The dental team will take impressions using putty trays for your top and bottom teeth. The guard is for your top teeth, but we need to see where the top and bottom teeth contact is for the most ideal (comfortable!) fit. Your night guard will be ready for pick up 2-3 weeks after your fitting.

What are night guards made of?

Safety-approved forms of acrylic is used for night guards—these are used professionally throughout the industry. Soft vinyl is used for soft night guards.  

How long will my night guard last?

With proper care, your night guard can last for a year or more. Look for signs of wear: such as telltale indentations or new grooves. These are signs that the night guard is protecting your teeth and mouth, and when you bring your night guard in for a deep cleaning, we can help you decide if it’s time to adjust or possibly replace your night guard.

How do I clean my night guard?

Use a manual toothbrush and toothpaste to clean by brushing your night guard daily. Regular care will keep your night guard in optimal condition, and you want to be sure to clean off residue, food particles and bacteria. We offer a complimentary professional deep cleaning for your night guard when you visit for a checkup or any other reason.

My child grinds his/her teeth. Does he/she need a night guard?

Because children’s teeth, jaw and gum tissues are continuously growing through age 15, it is recommended to wait until then for a night guard.

If you think it’s time for a night guard, Dr. Amores can help you get the best one.

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