How to Get Whiter Teeth

With the holidays comes the chance for parties and so many selfies, with a family posed picture thrown in for good measure. If you love coffee, wine and cigarettes, your teeth may be especially stained on the surface. There are often still options for getting a brighter smile.

The results may last longer if you are able to forgo or lessen the frequency of the staining drinks or at least use a straw for your (iced) coffee so that the coffee has less of a chance to stain. Note your crowns and fillings made from resin will never become lighter in this process.

Who should get their teeth whitened?

You may not be a good candidate for whitening if you have sensitive or decaying teeth or exposed roots. If that is the case, a special potassium nitrate toothpaste may be your best option. We can sometimes fit patients for a personalized tray where the whitening gel will touch the teeth and have less contact with your gums and roots, but Dr. Amores can best decide if you qualify. 

Pregnant women, those who are allergic to bleaching agents and young children are not appropriate candidates. 

If your teeth are badly stained, then a new crown or veneer may be more appropriate than a lightening tray.

Whitening Strength

With professional whitening, you have access to a more powerful bleaching agent. Our in-office products have hydrogen peroxide levels that are 2-3 times stronger than the over the counter products—which means the results last longer.


For mildly sensitive patients, we first apply a shield to protect your gums. For all patients, we fit you for a tray that is just for you, and fits perfectly in your mouth. Once the tray is ready, you will take it home and do the treatments at home over a period of sessions. You’ll be ready to smile big in no time.

Dr. Amores is here to help.

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